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In 1987, the Quality Guru, Dr J M Juran assessed the opportunities for Quality Improvement in India. This was pre-liberalization. He concluded that Quality was not on the agenda for most Indian organizations. For a nation to evolve, where Quality Improvement is a Way of Life, Dr Juran believed that, apart from Business, India will need to focus on Quality in Healthcare and Quality in Education.

This was the mandate given to Qimpro, by Dr Juran.

In the initial years, Qimpro focused on Quality Improvement in Manufacturing. Quality assignments delivered attractive Financial Results.

As a strategy, in 1989, Dr Juran recommended that Qimpro recognize the leaders who made this happen. With that was born the Qimpro Gold Standard in 1990. It served to recognize our clients.

Service organizations started adopting Quality Improvement, post-liberalization. The population of organizations adopting Quality Improvement grew at an exponential rate. There were statesmen advocating Quality Improvement for nation building. Dr Juran now recommended we recognize these statesmen with a Qimpro Platinum Standard.

Qimpro Awards were well established by 1997. As a result, the Qimpro agenda became more ambitious. In consultation with well-wishers such as Dr K K Nohria, Ms Tarjani Vakil, and Mr R V Ramachandran, the “idea” of Qimpro Foundation was seeded. It was finally established in 1999.

The objectives of Qimpro Foundation are:
• To facilitate Quality Improvement in Education, in India
• To facilitate Quality Improvement in Healthcare, in India
• To recognize role-model Quality Leaders & Quality Statesmen in Business, Education, Healthcare, and Environment.

Qimpro Awards are in their 33rd cycle. They are now also open to Quality Statesmen and Quality Leaders advocating and adopting Green Quality Practices.

The search and selection process are professional…engaging past recipients and our Board of Trustees.

In 2013, Qimpro Foundation launched Qimpro Champions League (QCL). It enables students from all streams to learn the fundamentals of Quality Improvement Tools and the structured process of Problem Solving, in a competitive mode. Students e-learn and apply the lessons learned at their respective Educational Institutions. In so doing, they improve their employability and deployability. QCL is a Win-Win-Win for Students-Institutions-Industry.

In addition, Qimpro Foundation has launched Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) training and certification program, exclusively for healthcare organizations, in collaboration with Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations (CAHO).

CQI is a comprehensive step-by-step team training process, designed in a blended format. The training process empowers cross-functional teams to achieve quality breakthroughs, enhance patient care, and solve costly quality problems. This program has been customized with expert inputs from the AHPI Technical Committee, to ensure full compatibility with NABH requirements. All this has evolved into an active Team Excellence Competition, QualTech Prize (Healthcare).

In 2021, we had thousands of Quality practioners in India. Most of them had acquired relevant knowledge through working on Quality Improvement Projects using the Juran on Quality Improvement  methodology. Their experience was significant that merited formalization into a qualification. With that we launched the Qimpro Certified Qualitist program, that gave shape to a profession – Quality. The term Qualitist had been coined by Dr J M Juran.