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In 1987, the Quality Guru, Dr J M Juran assessed the opportunities for Quality Improvement in India. This was pre-liberalization. He concluded that Quality was not on the agenda for most Indian organizations. For a nation to evolve, where Quality Improvement is a Way of Life, Dr Juran believed that, apart from Business, India will need to focus on Quality in Healthcare and Quality in Education.

This was the mandate given to Qimpro®, by Dr Juran.

In the initial years, Qimpro® focused on Quality Improvement in Manufacturing. Quality assignments delivered attractive Financial Results.

As a strategy, in 1989, Dr Juran recommended that Qimpro® recognize the leaders who made this happen. With that was born the Qimpro® Gold Standard in 1990. It served to recognize our clients.

Service organizations started adopting Quality Improvement, post-liberalization. The population of organizations adopting Quality Improvement grew at an exponential rate. There were statesmen advocating Quality Improvement for nation-building. Dr Juran now recommended we recognize these statesmen as Qimpro® Platinum Standards.

Qimpro® Awards were well established by 1997. As a result, the Qimpro® agenda became more ambitious. In consultation with well-wishers such as Dr K K Nohria, Ms Tarjani Vakil, and Mr R V Ramachandran, the “idea” of Qimpro® Foundation was seeded. It was finally established in 1999.