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Qimpro Champions League
Qimpro Champions League



On 13 May 2018, Business Standard (Lights dim for B-schools) referred to a report released by Assocham, stating that other than premium B-schools such as IIMs, most others were producing “sub-par graduates” who were either unemployable or earned less than Rs 10,000 a month, if placed.

The study also stated that only 7 per cent of the pass-outs (excluding graduates from IIMs) are actually employable in India. Campus recruitments have gone down as much as 45 per cent because of low education quality coupled with the economic slowdown. Unavailability of quality faculty in tier-II and tier-III institutes, has also contributed to the bleak scenario.

The report went on to state that the quality of higher education in India, across disciplines, is poor and does not meet the needs of the corporate world.


We spoke to some of our clients and were given to understand that even though fresh graduates and first-time managers claim to have Problem Solving as a key skill in their CVs, when it comes to proactively finding and defining chronic problems, they fall short of our expectations. Further, the claimed Problem Solving skill lacks structure in the methodology; and proficiency in the use of quality tools. Training individuals during induction consumes time and money.


Consequently, based on over three decades of experience in quality and innovation, Qimpro® designed Qimpro® Champions League (QCL) - a digital course for students that covers 4 Essential Tools for Quality Improvement and 4 Steps to Effective Problem Solving. After successfully completing the digital course, students are required to solve a problem as a team (3-5 students). Teams can then compete for the Problem Solving Prize.


Students who successfully complete their project are certified as Junior Qualitists®. These Junior Qualitist® will be equipped with the fundamentals of structured 'Problem Solving' before placement, have a project report to support their Junior Qualitist® Certification, save employers millions by using this methodology to solve problems, and find themselves running up the career ladder at breakneck speed. 'Problem Solving' will no longer be a mere claim in the student's CV.