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Qimpro - Continual Quality Improvement


Knowledge, about what it takes to improve performance in healthcare is growing at an accelerated pace. As knowledge grows, so does the complexity that the healthcare providers face as they seek to control costs, deliver superior services, and achieve competitive distinction.

In this pressured changing environment, you need somewhere to turn for training, tools, and know-how to help you manage the quality of patient care and services.

Continual Quality Improvement (CQI) is a comprehensive step-by-step team training process, designed in a blended format, exclusively for healthcare organizations. The training process empowers cross-functional teams to achieve quality breakthroughs, enhance patient care, and solve costly quality problems.

CQI has been developed by Qimpro® based on global best practices. Further, this program has been customized with expert inputs from the AHPI Technical Committee, to ensure full compatibility with NABH requirements.

Successful implementation of CQI requires a robust Quality Council, composed of senior managers from the HCO.

Key roles of the Quality Council:

  • Setting quality goals for Quality Improvement
  • Identifying projects that are critical for meeting quality goals
  • Selecting teams to see the projects through the quality improvement process
  • Supporting project teams so they can carry out their mission


The CQI training process is effective when:

  • Cross-functional project teams are selected by the HCO’s Quality Council
  • Each cross-functional project team has five-six members
  • Each HCO registers at least two projects

An ideal batch is one with 25-30 candidates comprising five-six cross-functional project teams, from a mix of three HCOs.


Qimpro - Continual Quality Improvement - Blended Training


Each project team member from a HCO, upon completing the training and assigned problem, will earn a qualification Certified CQI Professional awarded by CAHO & Qimpro®.


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