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Recognized as the country's premier quality citations, Qimpro Awards were conceptualized in 1989 by Dr J M Juran - the Quality Guru who catalyzed the quality revolution in Japan, post World War II.

Dr Juran believed that for a quality revolution in India, we need to recognize individual excellence in quality management. He also believed that a national quality culture can be seeded by focusing on Quality in Healthcare and Quality in Education.

Over the past three decades, Qimpro Awards have evolved. Qimpro Foundation currently recognizes Quality Statesmen with the Qimpro Platinum Standard, and Quality Leaders with the Qimpro Gold Standard - in Business, Healthcare and  Education.

The winners are selected by four eminent Panels of Judges; each Chaired by the respective Qimpro Platinum Standard of the previous year.

In addition, Qimpro Foundation also recognizes Benchmark Leaders for Extraordinary Achievements, in a unique space, with the Qimpro Medal. The awardee, if any, is selected exclusively by the Trustees.


Qimpro Awards 2023 Recipients - Platinum Standard


Qimpro Awards 2023 Recipients - Gold Standard


Qimpro Medal

The highly coveted Qimpro Medal is presented by the Trustees of Qimpro Foundation to honour a Benchmark Leader for Extraordinary Achievements, in a unique space.

The Qimpro Medal is not an annual award. Such is the sterling requirement that the medal has been presented only on five occasions in the past 33 years.


Qimpro Platinum Standard
Qimpro Gold Standard

Qimpro Platinum Standard and Qimpro Gold Standard are selected annually by four independent Panels of Judges for Business, Healthcare, Education.

Characteristics that define a Qimpro Platinum Standard

The individual should: 

  1. be a National Statesperson for Quality & Excellence
  2. have a bold Quality & Excellence Vision for India
  3. have a sterling track record for Ethics, Governance, and Social Responsibility
  4. be an inspiration for the youth in India and overseas.

Characteristics that define a Qimpro Gold Standard

The individual should: 

  1. be a Leader who has adopted Quality & Excellence Best Practices to build / re-build a specific organization / institution, commercial or social
  2. have a Strategic Quality Plan for the specific organization / institution that also includes Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility as critical success factors
  3. have deployed the Strategic Quality Plan in the specific organization / institution, and delivered extraordinary results for Customer / Employee / Environment / Societal Focus
  4. be an inspiration for the employees of the specific organization / institution.