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QualTech<sup>®</sup> Prize - Education


QualTech<sup>®</sup> Prize for Education - Purpose
To introduce students to the time-tested art of structured Problem Solving and its benefits, thereby making them more employable and deployable for corporate India.
QualTech<sup>®</sup> Prize for Education - Mission
QualTech® Prize - Education focuses on seeding structured Problem Solving into future professionals by applying methodologies to real world problems.
QualTech<sup>®</sup> Prize for Education - Vision
To be recognized as the premier showcase for students and their ingenuity using Problem Solving.


Everybody claims to know ‘Problem Solving’ on their resumes, but do they?

As one of India’s finest Problem Solvers—we at Qimpro® are looking for the next generation of mavericks who can solve problems and bring amazing results for their future employers!

Your task is simple! Identify a chronic problem that need to be remedied at your Institute and use your Problem Solving skills to solve it. 

Remember, your solutions must have tangible benefits! You’ve got to show your creativity and back it up with hard/real numbers!

Each student who successfully completes their project will be certified as a Junior Qualitist®
Qualitist®is a title recommended for Senior Quality Professionals, in 2004, by Quality Guru - Dr J M Juran
QualTech<sup>®</sup> Prize for Education - Team

Who's up for the challenge now?


The Director of the educational institute must identify the top 5 chronic problems* to be remedies, from the list of problems proposed by students and faculty. 

The Director must then select 5 students per adopted chronic problem to form 5 specific Project Teams.

*Eg: Admissions Process too long; Unplanned Absenteeism of Staff; Poor Quality of Food in the Canteen; Poor Housekeeping; Ineffective Placement Service; etc

Individual Learning

Each Team Member will be provided a 3-month log-in to the Problem-Solving Pro digital course.

An e-Certificate of Completion will be issued to each Team Member at the end of the digital course.

Team Activity

Each Project Team will need to jointly view each chapter, discuss and apply Lessons Learned to the adopted chronic problem, log progress in the downloadable workbook, submit the project in a template available online.

Each student who successfully completes their project will be certified as a Junior Qualitist®.

QualTech® Prize - Education

The institute can submit these Projects for an open competition* organized by Qimpro, for teams from all Institutes that have participated.

A Panel of Judges will select the top four projects presented and reward the teams.

The Winner - Rs 30,000 & Certificate of Excellence
3 Runners-up - Rs 15,000 & Certificate of Merit each

*min 20 project entries required to conduct a fair competition.


QualTech<sup>®</sup> Prize for Education - Rules
  • QualTech® Prize - Education is designed for students only
  • It is open to students from any stream
  • Minimum qualification required is High School (Class 12)
  • Learning is to be done individually by each student
  • Implementation is to be done as a team of 5 students
  • Registration is valid for 90 days (from registration to project submission)
  • One student cart of only one team
  • One team can send only one project
  • Requests for extensions will not be entertained
  • Submissions will be accepted in English only
QualTech<sup>®</sup> Prize for Education - Process
  • Institute to send projects identified and participant list for registration
  • Receive login details and complete individual profile
  • Complete digital course
  • Download our power-packed complimentary eBook on Problem Solving to give structure and direction to your project
  • Form a Team and identify a Team Leader (offline)
  • Request the Team Leader to register the Team online
  • Populate the downloadable workbook as a Team
  • Use the online template for the project submission
    Projects can be submitted by the Team Leaders only
  • Projects will be assessed and star-rated (1 to 5 scale) by Qimpro® Certified Qualitists
  • The top 20 rojects with minimum 3 star rating, will be entered into the QualTech® Prize - Education competition
QualTech<sup>®</sup> Prize for Education - Benefits
  • An e-Certificate of Completion will be issued to each Team Member at the end of the digital course
  • A Junior Qualitist® e-Certificate to student who successfully completes their project
  • A Junior Qualitist® will
    • be equipped with the fundamentals of structured Problem-Solving before placement
    • have a project report to support their Junior Qualitist® Certification
    • save employers millions by using this methodology to solve problems
    • find themselves running up the career ladder at breakneck speed.
  • Problem-Solving will no longer be a mere claim in the student's resume.
To register, please write to inbox@qimpro.org