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Schedule - 8 November


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Session 1 - Healthcare
Opening Announcements13:4000:1013:50
Welcome Address
Suresh Lulla, Managing Trustee, Qimpro Foundation
Session 2 - Healthcare
HC1: Enhancing Patient satisfaction through a systematic Inpatient Report Reconciliation System
- P. D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC
HC2: Minimization of errors related to  IPSG  1,2,3 and  6   in a Tertiary care hospital. (By 50%)
- Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre
HC3: A Multidisciplinary team approach towards improving dispatch TAT of Cashless Claims
- Wockhardt Hospitals, The Umrao Institute of Medical Sciences
HC4: Dramatic improvement in the outcome of Primary Angioplasty in Myocardial Infarction (PAMI) cases in a study of 5 years
- Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital
HC5: Humanized Intensive Care – Nurses Role in Practicing the Hippocratic quote “if there is a love for medicine there will be a love for humanity also”
- Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences
Distribution of Certificates to Session Presenters14:5000:0514:55
Session 3 - Healthcare
HC6: Nursing Empowerment through Innovations in Training and Education
- Max Hospital, Patparganj
HC7: Uberization of Patient Transportation
- Indraprashtha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
HC8: Implementation of ISHARED model for improving effective handover communication
- Shree Krishna Hospital
HC9: A journey from satisfaction to experience!!- Impact of implementation of a strategic plan on the customer experience related to nursing services
- Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences
HC10: To establish a risk management programme in Finance & accounting protocol
- Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital
Distribution of Certificates to Session Presenters15:4500:0515:50
Coffee Break15:5000:2516:15
Session 4 - Healthcare
HC11: Conservation of Water by Revisiting Existing Opportunities and Increase Storage Capacity of RO Reject Water and Utilize for Appropriate Uses
- Apollo Hospitals International, Ahmedabad
HC12: Improving Outpatient flow management by using ‘Design thinking’ in a tertiary care eye hospital
- Sankara Eye Foundation, India
HC13: Achieving Continuous Improvement in CSSD Management through Performance Measurements using User Satisfaction Surveys and Interventions
- Christian Medical College, Vellore
HC14: Where Every Drop Counts..!!
- Vijaya Group of Hospitals
HC15: Antimicrobial Stewardship - No Action Today! No Cure Tomorrow!!
- Ganga Medical Centre & Hospitals, Coimbatore
Distribution of Certificates to Session Presenters17:0500:0517:10
Session 5 - Healthcare
HC16: Impact of tracheostomy nurse in reducing tracheostomy related complications
- Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences
HC17: Dial “77” – One Touch Button for all Non Clinical Needs
- Indraprashtha Apollo Hospital, Delhi
HC18: A study to access the level of noise and the factors contributing to it in the patient care area of tertiary care hospital of Mumbai.
- Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre
HC19: Effectiveness of New Patient Safety Measures to enhance International Patient Safety Goals in Max Patparganj Hospital, East Delhi
- Max Hospital, Patparganj
Distribution of Certificates to Session Presenters17:5000:0517:55
Session 6 - Closing
Distribution of Certificates to Examiners17:5500:0518:00
Distribution of Certificates to Judges18:0000:0518:05
Judges Feedback18:0500:1018:15
Prize Distribution18:1500:1018:25
Closing Announcements18:2500:0518:30