Qimpro Gold Standard 2015

Dr Girdhar Gyani


Director General, Association of Healthcare Providers - India (AHPI)

Dr Girdhar J Gyani, is Director General, Association of Healthcare Providers (India). A pioneer. An evangelist. For quality in healthcare.

As a pioneer, Dr Gyani is best known for formulating the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers. Better known as NABH standards. In 2005, he rolled out the NABH through a Governing Board, Accreditation Committee, Technical Committee, and Assessors. The hospitals accredited by NABH have earned global recognition. Consequently, medical tourism in India has benefited.

Beyond India, the NABH standard was first adopted by the Philippines. Through the visionary leadership of Dr Gyani. Other Asian countries are evaluating this option.

Beyond hospitals, Dr Gyani extended the accreditation schemes to nursing homes, blood banks, diagnostic centers, dental clinics and AYUSH emergency trauma care hospitals. With results. Dr Gyani. A tireless crusader.

Dr Gyani served as Founder CEO of NABH until 2012. He is currently a member of the NABH Board.

In 2012, Dr Gyani took wing. He established the Association of Healthcare Providers (India). The Association represents the majority of healthcare providers in India. It functions as a not-for-profit organization; and advocates with the government, regulatory bodies and other stake holders on issues that can reinforce reliable healthcare delivery to the community at large.

Dr Gyani evangelizes the power of Continuous Quality Improvement in healthcare. According to him, it is the oxygen for an organization’s health.

Dr Gyani. An institution builder. Made in India.

We congratulate Dr Girdhar J Gyani. Our Qimpro Gold Standard 2015 for Healthcare.

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