Qimpro Platinum Standard 2006

Dr Ajit Phadke


Head of Urology Department, Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Centre

Prof Dr Ajit Gangadhar Phadke, M.B.B.S., M.S., Department of Urology, Bombay Hospital and Institute of Medical Sciences is a distinguished surgeon, teacher, and human being. On completing his urology training at McGill University, Canada, he returned to India and has over the past forty years established himself as a benchmark urologist in India.

Dr Phadke is a pioneer of kidney transplantation in India; and lithotripsy, the minimally invasive method of treating kidney stones. As Medical Director of Aditya Lithotripsy Centre, Mumbai, he ensures that consistent excellent care is received by his patients from all cross-sections of society. Every patient seeking his services is accommodated.

Dr Phadke attracts patients from across the country. To address their needs, Dr Phadke has established the Nana Palkar Smriti Samiti that runs a charitable hostel in Mumbai, equipped with dialysis units, for the convenience of patients and their relatives. A noteworthy practice.

The most acknowledged qualities of Dr Phadke are his inspiring leadership in the medical profession, as well as his ability to teach his students. Dr Phadke has served as President of the Urological Society of India; as Member of the IRR Ethics Committee; and as Member of the Governing Council of the Association of Surgeons of India. He is synonymous with simplicity, integrity, and dignity.

We salute Prof Dr Ajit Gangadhar Phadke, Qimpro Platinum Standard 2006. A role model for Quality in Healthcare.

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