Qimpro Platinum Standard 2009

Dr Sultan Pradhan


Chairman, Aga Khan Health Services, and Chief of Oncology, Prince Aly Khan Hospital

Dr Sultan Pradhan, Chairman Aga Khan Health Services, India is also the President and Chief of Oncology, Prince Aly Khan Hospital. He is synonymous with affordable-cancer-care.

Early in his professional career, Dr Pradhan recognized that head and neck surgical oncology was under-developed in India, despite cancers of this region being the commonest malignancies among Indian males. He consequently made it his mission to popularize this field through a crusading series of workshops across the country. Head and neck surgery is currently a preferred specialization for medical students.

Over the years, Dr Pradhan has earned a reputation for extraordinary competency in voice conservation techniques relating to laryngeal cancer surgery. He has written the only monograph in the world on this subject. He has also cascaded this expertise, as well as skills in other aspects of laryngeal surgery, to the next-generation surgeons.

A pioneer, Dr Pradhan has conducted knowledge sharing workshops in association with Dr Philippe Monnier of the University of Lausanne, to ensure India is the benchmark for head and neck surgical oncology. An unambiguous vision.

Dr Pradhan is a gentleman surgeon and teacher. His patients describe him as a compassionate and ethical human. His students describe him as an extraordinary listner.

His interests extend beyond oncology to rural health. Dr Pradhan counsels communities of young adults in rural India, specifically, on empowerment of women.

A visionary and a missionary, Dr Pradhan believes that when you pursue perfection, you achieve excellence along the way. He also believes that knowledge is not knowledge until it is shared.

We salute Dr Sultan Pradhan, Qimpro Platinum Standard 2009 for Healthcare.

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