Qimpro Platinum Standard 2011

Dr L J de Souza


Managing Trustee, The Shanti Avedna Sadan (India’s first Hospice)

Dr LUIS JOSE DE SOUZA, Founder, Managing Trustee & Medical Director, Shanti Avedna Ashram, is synonymous with terminal cancer patient focus. Over the past four decades, Dr. de Souza has been practicing as a Consultant Surgical Oncologist at various leading hospitals in Mumbai. In addition, he has also committed the past 25 years to leading, managing and operating a hospice, Shanti Avedna Ashram in Mumbai.

Shanti Avedna Ashram is India's first hospice for the care of advanced and terminally ill cancer patients in India. This hospice reveals the true face of a doctor who sees God in the patients he treats. The Ashram was established in 1986 in Mumbai, and subsequently replicated in Delhi and Goa. All services are rendered free of cost to the patients, irrespective of community, caste or creed. All services reflect the values and compassion of Dr. de Souza, who has also qualified as a Ph. D. in Hospital Management. Seventy five percent of the Ashram patients have died peacefully; the rest have gone back home.

In 1993, Dr. de Souza established the Indian Cancer Cell for Cancer Education in Schools, in collaboration with the Tata Memorial Centre, International Union Against Cancer (UICC), and Indian Cancer Society. This initiative educates children on how to care for terminally ill family members and friends. A visionary and missionary, par excellence.

Dr de Souza finds time. He has found time to publish 70 papers in the field of Oncology in national and international journals; time to organize 10 national and international conferences; and time to nurture thousands of young surgeons and researchers. He employs the full potential of his left and right brain.

Dr de Souza. A distinguished karma yogi. He heard the cry of the terminally ill.

We salute Dr Luis Jose de Souza, Qimpro Platinum Standard 2011 for Healthcare.

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