Qimpro Platinum Standard 2013

Dr Armida Fernandez


Founder Trustee, Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action (SNEHA)

DR ARMIDA FERNANDEZ is the founder trustee of the urban health NGO, Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action (SNEHA). Established in 1999 by a group of Neonatologists, the primary focus of SNEHA has been on the health of mothers and their babies residing in Mumbai slums. The projects involve specialist skills: Maternal & Neonatal Health; Child Health & Nutrition; Sexual & Reproductive Health; and Violence against Women and Children. Dr Fernandez, a visionary as well as an inspirational statesman and leader.

Over the last five years, SNEHA has recognized the critical need to work with adolescents and young people. Adolescence is a complex period in an individual’s life involving intense physical, emotional, psychological, and often economic changes. When combined with poverty, poor and incomplete education, high risk of abuse, early marriage, and nutritional deficiencies the challenge is further compounded. SNEHA’s program takes a comprehensive approach to addressing the situation and empowers young people with the knowledge, skills and courage to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. A benchmark practice.

Dr Armida Fernandez. A renowned Neonatologist. A proficient Pediatrician. A good Samaritan. SNEHA, a reflection of her sincere and sensitive character and person.

In 1989, as Professor and Head of Neonatology, Dr Fernandez established the first Human Milk Bank in Asia at the Lokmanaya Tilak Municipal General Hospital and Medical College, Mumbai. The milk bank answered the call of numerous underweight babies who cried for human milk. Today, the country has ten human milk banks.

Besides Neonatology, Dr Fernandez’s special area of interest has been Nutrition. For the past three decades, she has been actively involved in the promotion of breast-feeding and the Baby Friendly Initiative of the UNICEF.

Dr Armida Fernandez walks her talk. People listen to what she says; because she first does what she expects others to do. People receive joy in being associated with the virtuous Dr Fernandez.

We salute Dr Armida Fernandez. Our Qimpro Platinum Standard 2013 for Healthcare.

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