Qimpro Gold Standard 2011

Prof M S Pillai


Founder Director, Sadhana Institute of Management & Leadership

PROFESSOR M. S. PILLAI, Founder Director, Sadhana Centre for Management & Leadership Development (SCMLD), is recognized as a tireless builder of national human capital. His singular mission is to develop extra-ordinary principle-centered humans from ordinary young people.

Prof. Pillai started his career in the Indian Air Force, where he invested 15 years. He subsequently evolved into a transformational and inspirational leader and was the Founder Director of Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resource Development (SCMHRD). Being the brain child of Prof. Pillai, SCMHRD aggressively integrated ethical and spiritual dimensions to the curriculum. This factor, amongst others, positioned SCMHRD as a leading management institute in India.

In 2004, Prof. Pillai launched the SCMLD. The institute was set up in 40 days, and funded by former students he had inspired. The building was offered free of cost; faculty and staff volunteered to work free; and suppliers offered unlimited credit. A benchmark in stakeholder loyalty.

The SCMLD, a leadership 'gurukulam', has been built on the 'Gandhian Trusteeship' concept. This translates into four management pillars: truth, ethics, values, and 'seva'. The embedded practices are the subject of benchmarking at several Indian and international management institutions.

Prof. Pillai believes in inspirational motivation by igniting minds, touching hearts, and lifting pain. His aim is to reach out to Maximum-Young-India.

We congratulate Professor M. S. Pillai, Qimpro Gold Standard 2011 for Education.

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