Qimpro Platinum Standard 2009

Gian Parkash Chopra


President, DAV College Managing Committee

Shri Gian Parkash Chopra, President, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, leads a 123 years old Non-Governmental Organization, with 700 institutions across India – urban and rural. He has been a tireless crusader for holistic education advocating a fine balance between scholastic and non-scholastic talent. He believes that education should empower students not only intellectually but also socially and spiritually. The DAV institutions, synonymous with Shri Chopra, precisely nurture these values.

Shri Chopra is recognized for his extraordinary humane style. He is also an excellent motivator and energizer of people, singular and collective. He believes in a democratic approach to management.

Shri Chopra knows the pulse of children in India. For institutions in urban India, the accent is on state-of-the-art education-technology. These institutions encourage innovative thinking, as well as nurture students in the performing arts and sports. DAV students have won accolades in national competitions, and their teachers have earned honors at the state and national levels.

Shri Chopra has encouraged DAV institutions to improve the quality of life of the rural populace. They are encouraged to adopt projects that leverage the resources and strengths of rural India. Further, Shri Chopra has succeeded in establishing several DAV institutions in remote tribal belts in order to make education accessible to first generation learners. These institutions are located in Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Orissa. They are manned by motivated office-bearers.

Shri Chopra also works with missionary zeal for the slum dwellers in urban India. He has a well established adult literacy program for women in “jhuggi” clusters. The program extends to vocational training. He believes that when you educate a mother, you train a family.

Shri Chopra has always walked his talk. In a sense, his video is more powerful than his audio.

We salute Shri Gian Parkash Chopra, Qimpro Platinum Standard 2009 for Education.

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