Qimpro Platinum Standard 2014

Dr K V Kuppusamy


Chairman, RVS Educational Trust

Dr K V Kuppusamy, is a visionary and an achiever, who is graced with natural humility. Over the past 50 years, he has reinvented himself in many avatars. Always gravitating towards selflessly serving humanity. He has evolved from a small time entrepreneur, to the owner of a large textile mill, to an agriculturist, to an educationist, to a social counselor. His philosophy to life: Untiring effort, faith, good friends, and God’s grace.

Dr Kuppusamy established RVS Educational Trust in 1983. He serves as the Chairman of the Trust named after his late son, Rathinavel Subramaniam. The mission of this charitable Trust is to provide affordable Quality education to the needy, particularly from rural India. The Trust now manages more than 100 educational and non-educational institutions in Tamil Nadu. They feed talent to organizations across South India.

Over the past three decades, the RVS Educational Trust has built institutions from ‘LKG TO PG’. The RVS post-graduate programs are in multiple areas of specialization: Arts, Science, Architecture, Engineering, Paramedics and Dentistry. Collectively, RVS services over 40,000 students and employs over 6,500 faculty and staff.

Since most of the RVS students hail from rural India, their placement presents challenges in terms of communication skills and urban orientation. No challenge is too large for Dr Kuppusamy. Consequently, each RVS institution goes the extra mile to train students in soft skills and general knowledge. This has significantly improved the RVS placement rate, as well as the quality of life - student by student. A benchmark.

Dr Kuppusamy’s latest initiative is in the space of Skills Development for unemployed youth, particularly in rural India. RVS trains over 25,000 youth and facilitates appropriate placement. A visionary whose video matches his audio.

Dr Kuppusamy. An egalitarian. An altruist. With a missionary zeal.

We salute Dr K V Kuppusamy. Our Qimpro Platinum Standard 2014 for Education.

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