Qimpro Platinum Standard 2015

Dr Mithu Alur


Founder Chairperson, ADAPT, formerly The Spastics Society of India

Dr Mithu Alur, is the Founder Chairperson, ADAPT - Able Disable All People Together; formerly known as the Spastic Society of India.

For over forty years, Dr Alur has been deeply involved in the education, healthcare and employment of children with disability. She believes in the holistic development of children, and recognizes that the mind and body need to work in tandem. To Dr Alur, cerebral palsy means an intelligent mind trapped in a disobedient body. Consequently, she believes, the education and health of such children are inextricably linked. Both need nourishment for quality well being of a child. Her daughter is disabled. Dr Alur. A pioneer with a robust will.

At the state level, Dr Alur has been involved in community based projects involving state and municipal authorities, non-government agencies, the private sector, and international agencies. ADAPT’s first model has been replicated in sixteen states of India. Dr Alur. An untiring missionary.

The service delivery framework of ADAPT, designed by Dr Alur, includes: identification, assessment, education and treatment of children with development disorders; infant clinics for babies; and vocational training units for young adults. ADAPT children have progressed in life to become lawyers, accountants, businessmen, librarians, and more. Some have even earned a PhD qualification. Dr Alur. Delivering quality. Delivering dignity.

In the area of pedagogy, Dr Alur has initiated a course in collaboration with the Institute of Child Health, London, which reaches out to Master Trainers’ in the Asia Pacific Region. The Community Initiatives in Inclusion course is in its fifteenth year and trained more than two hundred Master Trainers in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Tajikistan and Tonga. Dr Alur. Making India proud.

We salute Dr Mithu Alur. Our Qimpro Platinum Standard 2015 for Education.

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