Qimpro Gold Standard 2005

Ravi Kant


Managing Director, Tata Motors

Ravi Kant, Managing Director, Tata Motors Limited is a tireless crusader for quality.

Mr Kant has led from the front, two major initiatives at the Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, namely the Tata Business Excellence Model and the Balanced Scorecard. With dramatic transformation results. Transformation from an organization of collective functional silos to an integrated unit that works towards the distinct objective of customer satisfaction. A best practice.

Critical to the success of the Commercial Vehicle Business Unit has been Mr Kant’s emphasis on pre-manufacturing processes. In particular, the ‘new product introduction’ process. This has substantially enabled the Commercial Vehicle Business Unit to reduce its break even point from 65 percent to 33 percent capacity utilization. In 2005, the Commercial Vehicle Business Unit was declared the winner of the JRD Quality Values Award.

Mr Kant has implemented the Tata Code of Conduct at Tata Motors. He is a strong advocate for corporate governance. His leadership style is characterized by simplicity, integrity, and individual dignity. A hallmark practice.

We congratulate Mr Ravi Kant, Qimpro Gold Standard 2005.

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