Qimpro Gold Standard 2008

Aditya Puri


Managing Director, HDFC Bank

Aditya Puri is the Managing Director of HDFC Bank Limited. He has the distinction of having conceptualized a World-Class Indian Bank in 1994 and built the same based on principle-centered values, customer–focus, and employee empowerment.

Based on his vast international exposure at CitiBank, Mr Puri designed HDFC Bank from first principles, namely, customer and market segmentation; product and service goals; process goals and capability; operational and improvement teams; and deployment of vision and values. These are truly Best Practices for building quality into an organization.

Over the past decade, under the able stewardship of Mr Puri, HDFC Bank has earned the trust of Indian citizens. It has been consistently recognized as the “Best Bank”; most customer-responsive service provider; and best IT user in the banking sector.

Mr Puri is one of Asia's most influential bankers. He has earned international accolades for his extraordinary leadership skills and governance practices. He is recognized by the business community as an institution builder.

We congratulate Mr Aditya Puri, Qimpro Gold Standard 2008, in the Business Category.

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