Qimpro Gold Standard 2009

Bhaskar Bhat


Managing Director, Titan Industries

Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Industries Limited, is synonymous with innovation and excellence in India. The metamorphosis of Titan products from utility to lifestyle is attributed to Mr Bhat's keen insights of market forces and customer needs.

Mr Bhat is a quiet performer. He has grown the variety of Titan watches from 500 to 700 over the past five years; and Tanishq jewellery designs from 6,000 to 16,000 over the same period. His core competency is in systematically translating customer needs into products that are benchmarked by international players. Brands “Titan” and “Tanishq” have won numerous accolades over the past decade.

Titan is a preferred employer for young graduates. Mr Bhat believes that fashion-retail-chains deliver customer satisfaction results only when employees are delighted. Therefore, he has a radically different approach to HR. He considers his human resources to be “appreciating” assets, and ensures they are managed accordingly.

Mr Bhat is sensitive to the needs of society. The noteworthy social responsibility outcomes from Titan include: scholarship programs in backward areas that have benefitted over 600 students; creation of 'karigar' parks for jewellery craftsmen, that have resulted in improving the quality of life of over 600 workers; and green power generation of the order of 33.5 kwh.

Mr Bhat has made a difference. He has inspired many entrepreneurs to believe in a left-brain right-brain balance. He has catalyzed them to believe in a marketing mind-set.

We congratulate Mr Bhaskar Bhat, Qimpro Gold Standard 2009 for Business.

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