Qimpro Gold Standard 2010

Debu Bhattacharya


Managing Director, Hindalco Industries

Debu Bhattacharya heads the Global Metals business of Aditya Birla Group. In this capacity he is the Managing Director of Hindalco Industries Limited, Vice-chairman of Novalis Inc, and Chairman of Aditya Birla Minerals Limited. Over the past 10 years, Mr Bhattacharya has not only led the metamorphosis of Hindalco and Novelis, but has in fact transformed himself from a consumer products and Indian retail professional, to a non-ferrous metals and global manufacturing authority. He is an effective leader and strategist; comfortable in any business environment.

Over the last decade, Mr Bhattacharya has grown Hindalco 30-fold addressing the challenge of price volatility by building a robust, sustainable, integrated business portfolio. Today, Hindalco is the most profitable aluminium company globally, with its low cost position, significant presence in value added segments, and world-class quality.

The leadership style of Mr Bhattacharya is soft but firm. This has been a critical success factor during the organic and inorganic growth of Hindalco; particularly in a business environment impacted by recession, price volatility, climate change, terror, and poor governance. Apart from Hindalco, Mr Bhattacharya has also brilliantly turned around Novelis, an organization that was criticized for chronic poor performance.

Mr Bhattacharya has been the guiding force behind numerous CSR activities undertaken by Hindalco and its affiliates. He is an advocate for triple bottom line accounting and is therefore involved in significant community development. He is also actively pursuing reduction measures for carbon footprints.

Mr Bhattacharya is a focused transformation leader, who is logical, subtle and innovative. He is a visionary, whose best practices are showcased in the Harvard Business Review.

Mr Bhattacharya. A gentleman; consistently striving for excellence.

We congratulate Mr Debu Bhattacharya, Qimpro Gold Standard 2010 for Business.

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