Qimpro Gold Standard 2012

Rajiv Bajaj


Managing Director, Bajaj Auto

RAJIV BAJAJ, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto Limited, Chakan, has risen from the ranks to lead the motorcycle giant in a fiercely competitive global market.

Mr. Bajaj is a role model leader, technologist and qualitist. His leadership strategy is very Gandhian. He absolutely believes that the customer is part of his business. This is also reflected in the company mission, values and policies. A man of few words, he walks his talk; and people believe in him because of his systematic and professional actions.

As a technologist, his emphasis is on Research & Development. He believes in developing technology and not outsourcing the same. R&D is where Mr. Bajaj invariably spends substantial time. This focus on innovation is the universal hallmark of an organization that thinks global and long-term. A best practice for success. The Pulsar and BYK range of motorcycles bear testimony to this reality.

As a qualitist, Mr. Bajaj clearly understands that manufacturing is a fraction of the supply chain that delivers motorcycles to customers. He has an undeclared war on waste, covering wing-to-wing of the supply chain process. He emphasizes: Better, Faster, Cheaper, Different.

We congratulate Mr. Rajiv Bajaj. Our Qimpro Gold Standard 2012 for Business.

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