Qimpro Gold Standard 2015

Siddhartha Lal


Managing Director & CEO, Eicher Motors

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director & CEO, Eicher Motors is a technocrat-cum-businessmen who is credited with the metamorphosis of Eicher Motors. From a diverse group with fifteen follower businesses, to two world-class businesses: Royal Enfield and VE Commercial Vehicles.

Mr Lal knows how to take tough decisions. He has a nose for opportunity. A decade after he took over, Eicher Motors earns Rs 8,000 crore in revenues, and a net profit of Rs 700 crore. Royal Enfield contributes to most of this profit. This was a company predicted to go out of business. Strategic thinking that integrated customer-driven-quality made the improbable happen. Mr Lal. The leader who is his own customer.

Mr Lal’s passion for motor bikes is at the heart of Eicher Motors turnaround. In fact, he is Royal Enfield’s greatest asset. An authority on British bikes of the post-World War era, Mr Lal is a bike historian, a follower and a hands-on rider. His passion has been rewarded with a jet-spiral of Eicher Motors stock price; from Rs 224 in 2006 to Rs 15,612 in 2015. The rise is justified owing to two sound fundamentals: no debt; and redeployment of funds into product innovation. Mr Lal’s mantra: Quality by Design.

Mr Lal is now also focusing on trucks. In partnership with Volvo, VE Commercial Vehicles has created a world-class portfolio in medium and heavy trucks. Mr Lal. The micro strategist.

By shrinking Eicher Motors, Mr Lal has made it a colossus. With global footprints. Made in India.

We congratulate Siddhartha Lal. Our Qimpro Gold Standard 2015 for Business.

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