Qimpro Medal 2022

Dr Tehemton Erach Udwadia


General Surgeon, Breach Candy Hospital and Hinduja Hospital

Dr Tehemton Erach Udwadia is a globally acclaimed Surgeon, Teacher and Researcher. He is universally acknowledged as the Father of Laparoscopy in India. His history is India’s surgical history.

Dr Udwadia is currently General Surgeon at two Mumbai hospitals: Breach Candy Hospital and Hinduja Hospital.

Dr Udwadia’s surgical journey commenced in 1951. At that time there were no intensive care units or ventilators; and blood transfusions were elaborate events that could only be done in operation theatres. He has not only witnessed, first-hand, India’s tremendous surgical progress but has also contributed to these advances. Saving many lives. A Missionary. A Visionary.

Consultant to several tertiary care hospitals in Mumbai, Dr Udwadia has been a fierce champion of rural surgeons. He has travelled with missionary zeal all over India to advance his goal of Laparoscopic Surgery For All, irrespective of the patient’s socio-economic status. A compassionate human and healer.

Dr Udwadia has been the author of two seminal texts on laparoscopic surgery. He has also been a contributing author to thirty-eight books on surgery and over 100 surgical publications. Further, he has served on the editorial boards of both national and international journals. A Benchmark Fountain of Knowledge.

Dr Udwadia has served as the President of both national and global surgical bodies. His international standing is further reflected in the receiving of Honorary Memberships and Lifetime Achievement Awards from surgical societies worldwide.

As a result of Dr Udwadia’s pioneering eorts, India is today one of the world’s preferred surgical destinations. Making India proud.

Dr Tehemton Erach Udwadia has been awarded the Padma Shri, as well as the Padma Bhushan, by the President of India.

We are honoured to present Dr Tehemton Erach Udwadia the Qimpro Medal 2022 for Extraordinary Achievements as a Surgeon and Human.

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