Qimpro Gold Standard 2022

Sumant Sood


Head - Innovation, Titan Company

SUMANT SOOD, Head Innovation, Titan Company Limited, Bengaluru, is a passionate Right-Brain Thinker. He established the Innovation Process within Titan, to democratise Innovation within the company. Sumant is a robust Right-Brain Thinker, with a passion for Quality.

Over the past decade, Sumant developed an Innovation Toolkit, for training leaders and managers assigned to facilitate Innovation Projects. His Left-Brain and Right-Brain in harmony.

Further, in order to seed and enhance a Culture for Innovation, Sumant factored Innovation into Job Design and Performance Appraisal, organization-wide. The associated Reward and Recognition System catalysed his Leadership Vision: To be recognized as an International Benchmark for Innovation.

Titan is the Benchmark for Innovation, within the Tata Group.

Sumant achieved this Benchmark stature by integrating Innovation Goals into the Titan Strategic Plan, based on the JRD - Quality Values Award framework.

Earlier, Sumant was Head of Business Excellence (Jewellery Division), within Titan, for over a decade. Here, he led the Division to win the JRD – Quality Values Award in 2012, in just eight external assessments. This, to-date, is the fastest achieved within the Tata Group.

In June 2021, Sumant Sood was recognized as a Distinguished Certified Qimpro Qualitist (QCQ).

Sumant Sood. A Lighthouse for Performance Excellence: Improvement; Innovation; Benchmarking; Excellence.

We congratulate Sumant Sood. Our Qimpro Gold Standard 2022 for Business.

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