Qimpro Platinum Standard 2022

Dr Rajendra Badwe


Director, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai

DR RAJENDRA ACHYUT BADWE is Director and Head of the Surgical Oncology Division at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai. In India, Dr Badwe is considered the Vivekanand of Surgical Oncology. His wisdom is in demand, for devising cancer care strategies, disease management and research protocols, internationally.

Before joining Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr Badwe worked at the Toronomon Hospital, Tokyo, as a Fellow of the International Society for Diseases of the Oesophagus; and Registrar and Honorary Consultant at the Guy’s Hospital, King’s College London School of Medicine. He also worked at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

Dr Badwe is credited for research in breast cancer treatment. In one pioneering research he subjected 350 women with advanced stages of cancer to chemotherapy. His studies revealed that the survival rate in cases where surgical procedures are resorted to is almost the same as the cases where only medication was administered. His thesis: Medicines are potent enough to combat breast cancer with the same efficacy as surgery.

Dr Badwe initiated and implemented the Clinical Research Secretariat. He also established the Department of Atomic Energy Clinical Trial Centres for multi-centre clinical trials. His mammoth research covering 1,000 breast cancer patients in India, has had the effect of reducing breast cancer deaths by 25 per cent.

Dr Badwe has published over 100 research articles in various peer reviewed national and international journals.

The Government of India has utilised Dr Badwe’s services for setting up cancer care centres in Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. He was a key advisor to the Government in the establishment of a National Cancer Centre and six All India Cancer Institutes.

Dr Badwe has the Mind of an Engineer and Soul of a Surgeon.

We salute Dr Rajendra Achut Badwe. our Qimpro Platinum Standard 2022 for Healthcare.

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