Qimpro Platinum Standard 2019

Dr Vijay Agarwal


President, Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO)

DR VIJAY AGARWAL, President, Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO), is a national crusader for Continual Quality Improvement in Healthcare. He is a man with a mission. Aman with a vision.

CAHO was established in 2013 by Dr Agarwal, along with select distinguished members of the healthcare fraternity. The mission of CAHO is to catalyse Continual Quality Improvement in healthcare organizations (HCOs).

CAHO serves as a common platform for NABH/ NABL / JCI accredited HCOs. Apart from facilitating cross-HCO knowledge sharing on Continual Quality Improvement, CAHO encourages transparent Benchmarking of Best Practices amongst its members. Dr Agarwal’s vision is to transform Indian HCOs to Global Benchmarks, through CAHO.

Dr Agarwal believes that ‘People Make Quality’. Driven by this passionate belief, he has established a series of CAHO Professional Certifications. These certifications include specializations such as: Quality Implementation, Continual Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Fire Safety, National Disaster Life Support, Hospital Infection Control, amongst others. Over one thousand professionals have been trained and certified.

Dr Agarwal is a post-graduate in Paediatrics from the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He commenced his professional career in 1973 and has over the decades earned a sterling reputation as a Paediatrician. His strategic skills were demonstrated while driving the National Pulse Polio Program.

Dr Agarwal was a Member of the ISRO Health Quest Project. This project was a unique collaboration between space scientists and healthcare professionals to take the country closer to the goal of “error-free” healthcare.

Dr Vijay Agarwal. Making Quality Improvement Happen. In Healthcare. In India.

We salute Dr Vijay Agarwal. Our Qimpro Platinum Standard 2019 for Healthcare.

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