Qimpro Platinum Standard 2018

Bittu Sahgal


Founding Editor, Sanctuary Asia Magazine

Bittu Sahgal is the Founder of the Sanctuary Nature Foundation. He is Editor of Sanctuary Asia, India's first and largest circulating wildlife and ecology magazine; as well as Founder-Editor of Sanctuary Cub, India’s oldest and only wildlife magazine for children. A man with a mission. Serving Mother Earth.

Over the past four decades, Bittu has worked tirelessly to Save the Tiger and Mother Earth. At first he was the awkward evangelist. Today he has many followers. For this he is grateful to Baba Amte who reminded him to follow Rabindranath Tagore’s advice … “Ekla Cholo Re”. In other words, walk alone. Do what you have to. People will follow when they are ready.

He has also created Kids for Tigers, a conservation programme for school children, that has reached over a million children and has been run successfully for almost two decades. He knows, all this will bear fruits in the long-term.

Currently, Sanctuary Asia prints 25,000 copies of the wildlife and ecology magazine. In addition, it has 50,000 subscribers for digital copies. Bittu has periodically declined to accept advertisements from companies known to leave terrible footprints on the environment. He walks his talk. And is unafraid to talk.

Bittu is an author. He regularly writes about conservation issues in books, magazines and newspapers in both English and regional languages. An effective communicator.

The Nostradamus, Bittu, has produced 30 wildlife documentaries, with bold and inconvenient messages. The tomorrow he has been predicting has already arrived.

Bittu has led national and international environmental campaigns across media platforms, including social media. An activist to the core. Committed to his cause. 24 x 365.

Bittu works with policymakers, social workers, economists and scientists, at the tri-junction of biodiversity, climate change and economics. He speaks at national and international platforms in support of wilderness conservation. Bittu’s crusade continues.

Bittu has served on a range of government and nongovernment organisation boards and committees over the last 30 years, including the National Board for Wildlife (Government of India), the IUCN (World Conservation Union), The Wild Foundation (USA) and the Expert Appraisal Committee for Infrastructure, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.

We salute Bittu Sahgal, our Qimpro Platinum Standard 2018 for Environment.

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