Qimpro Gold Standard 2017

KBS Anand


Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Asian Paints

K B S ANAND is the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at Asian Paints Limited. This extraordinary professional has risen up the ranks, over a period of 37 years. His mantra: Customer Focus. In other words, Quality.

Mr Anand holds a B Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. fundamentals in both, Mechanical and Business Management, are thorough.

On completing his education, a well qualified Trojan-joined Asian Paints. He was recruited in the Sales & Marketing function. This is when his Customer Obsession was seeded. As a blue chip professional, he was determined to make a difference, in a family business. His mission for Paints: Customer Driven Quality.

As a high point, Innovative-Anand launched Color Stores. At these stores, customers simulate interiors and exteriors with color and décor. This disruption has been a first in the paint industry. pioneer.

Mr also spearheaded the point-of-sale experience of customers, at dealer outlets, through Color Idea, to provide a slice of Color Stores experience to a wider base. marketing strategist and leader.

Both these initiatives were effective in understanding the “real” needs of customers. Proactive understanding of customer needs – a moving target – has helped Asian Paints to assert its leadership position.

Mr Anand believes Quality is achievable when you perform faster, better, cheaper, and different, to satisfy customers.

Over the past three years, Mr Anand has helped Asian Paints evolve from a paints company to a total-décor-solutions facilitator-organization. With success. Once again, he has performed as an astute pioneer.

Mr Anand is an authority on marketing. His Customer Focus is surrounded by the classic 4 Ps – Product, Place, Promotion, Price.

As Chief Executive Officer, Mr Anand added 2 Ps to the 4 Ps – Process and People. Delivering Quality. Delivering Business Excellence.

We congratulate Mr K B S Anand. Our Qimpro Gold Standard 2017 for Business.

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