Qimpro Gold Standard 2016

Drs Prakash & Mandakini Amte


Medical Directors, Lok Biradari Prakalp

Dr Mandakini Amte & Dr Prakash Amte, Healthcare Philanthropists, Lok Biradari Prakalp, Gadchiroli, have been offering 24x7 social services in the fields of medicine, education and agriculture to the local tribals. Tirelessly. For the past four decades.

Dr Mandakini completed her MBBS from the Government Medical College, Nagpur, in 1971 and PG Diploma in Anesthesia in 1973. Concurrently, Dr Prakash completed his MBBS from the same college in 1971 and thereafter started his PG in Surgery. During their years at college, the two doctors realized they had similar ideals and life-goals. They married in 1972. A benchmark for convergence in thinking. Left-brain and right-brain.

In 1974, Dr Prakash, son of late Baba Amte, abandoned his post-graduate studies mid-way to enhance and enrich his father’s challenging project, Lok Biradiri. Dr Mandakini too embraced the opportunity. The couple committed to each other to make the jungles of Gadchiroli their home thereafter. This dense forest experiences extreme monsoons for half the year. Initially, the young doctors were without a shelter, exclusively in the company of wildlife. Determined. Unafraid.

Dr Mandakini & Dr Prakash had made a commitment that redefined their future behavior and consequent attitudes. At first, the tribals resisted formal medical help. They believed in witch doctors. The couple conquered the tribals with compassion and results. Further, the tribals spoke a different language. The couple learnt the language. Along with distinguished volunteer doctors, they now treat cases of severe burns, bone fractures, cerebral-malaria, diarrhea, dehydration, severe anaemia, tuberculosis, pneumonia, complex maternity, and vitamin-deficiency disorders. They have made it happen through constructive behavior and a positive attitude.

p>Today Lok Biradiri has a state-of-the-art hospital catering to around 45,000 patients annually, as well as performs at least 500 surgeries in the same time frame. Thereby, impacting the quality of lives of ignored tribals.

Over and above all this, Dr Mandakini & Dr Prakash have initiated educating tribal children. The curriculum also includes skills for bamboo handicraft and agriculture. The hostel-school at Lok Biradiri is home to 650 students.

Dr Prakash loves wild animals. Amte’s Animal Ark is a wildlife orphanage and sanctuary for Gadchiroli. The Ark adopts young wild animals whose parents have been killed by the tribals, for food. Currently, the Ark is home and parent to leopards, deer, bears, snakes, crocodiles, birds, owls, and more.

Dr Prakash Amte was awarded the Padma Shri in 2002.

Jai Hind.

We congratulate Dr Mandakini Amte & Dr Prakash Amte. Our Qimpro Gold Standard 2016 for Healthcare.

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