Qimpro Medal 2016

Hemendra Kothari


Chairman DSP Blackrock; and Founder, Chairman and Trustee, Wildlife Conservation Trust

Hemendra Kothari, Chairman, DSP Blackrock Limited, Mumbai, is known in financial circles as one of the most trusted and accomplished investment bankers. A role model for MBAs.

But, Hemendra Kothari has a lesser known facet to his personality. Very extraordinary.

Mr Kothari has a passion for wildlife. For decades he used to work a hectic twelve hour financial day and escape to wildlife sanctuaries for peace of mind. Now, post retirement, he is committed to giving back to wildlife. To the extent humanly possible. An extraordinary human. Gentle. In love with tigers.

This love for magnificent wild cats has translated to a life mission: Save the Tiger. He battles with industrialists who have usurped forests to build their businesses. This does not conclude with penalty money to the Government of India. It involves regeneration of lands for wildlife to flourish. He believes that this mega responsibility requires participation of all prominent citizens of India. Currently, his primary customer is the tiger. His mantra: Save the tiger and you save the planet.

Mr Kothari is the Founder, Chairman & Managing Trustee of the Wildlife Conservation Trust. WCT endeavors to strengthen the protection of forest ecosystems and mitigate climate change. It currently works with over one hundred national parks and sanctuaries across the length and breadth of India. In addition, WCT commits time to developing the communities surrounding protected areas for a better quality of life. His customers are several tribal communities. A noteworthy aspect is that WCT is a partner in Panthera’s Global Alliance for the conservation of wild cats and their habitats.

Mr Kothari’s passion has global pugmarks.

Hemendra Kothari. A benchmark Indian. A quality human.

We are honored to present Mr Hemendra Kothari the Qimpro Medal 2016 for Extraordinary Achievement.

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