Qimpro Gold Standard 2011

Prasanna Hota


Director Emeritus, NIPI-UNOPS

PRASANNA HOTA has been the longest serving Secretary (Health and Family Welfare) in the Government of India. He is credited with the design and launch of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) to provide effective, affordable, and accessible primary health care to the citizens of India.

Shri Hota believes that people make the difference. He was instrumental in inducting about 125 thousand managerial, medical, and para-medical personnel under NRHM. The scale is gigantic. NRHM has transformed public health in India. A unique evolution from NRHM is the institution of ASHAs, the key village links servicing Indian citizens at grass root levels. The recruitment in the ASHAs is in addition to that in NRHM.

Shri Hota is revered for his outstanding leadership that has benefited the country's health sector. He is best known for building successful public health partnerships between the union and state governments. He is also respected for nurturing a culture of management practices in public health by inducting 20,000 professionals from management, finance, and IT to address the needs of large scale operations. The results have been spectacular.

p>There is no finishing line for Shri Hota. He has also delivered extraordinary results through the Janani Surakshya Yojana. The key breakthrough results include: from five hundred thousand women of poor families going to a health institution for child delivery each year, to ten million currently; and a decline in maternal mortality ratio from 500 to 180 per hundred thousand deliveries. Janani Surakshya Yojana is a benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness in public health.

He is currently Director Emeritus, United Nations Office for Projects and Services (Norway) India Partnership Initiative, for a Child Health Program.

Shri Hota. A crusader. A true son of India.

We congratulate Shri Prasanna Hota, Qimpro Gold Standard 2011 for Healthcare.

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