Qimpro Platinum Standard 2008

Anand Mahindra


Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra

Anand Mahindra, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, is a prime-mover of excellence in the manufacturing and service sectors, in rural and urban India. He is the face of New India in America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe; for the global farm equipment and utility vehicle sectors.

For the past decade, Mr Mahindra has advocated that quality is no longer a differentiator, but a pre-requisite to enter markets – locally and globally. He has also advocated that inspecting quality in our products, services and processes is a defensive route to excellence. The correct approach, he believes, is to build quality into the design of our products, services, and processes. Achieving this excellence requires focus and determination. The Anand Mahindra way.

Mr Mahindra has been an evangelist for innovation. Customer-driven innovation. As President of the Confederation of Indian Industries and President of the Automotive Research Association of India, he appealed to Indian industry to think creatively and develop innovative solutions, to enhance the “Made in India” label. With success. Mr Mahindra – the eloquent and persuasive statesman.

Mr Mahindra has a rainbow of interests and commitments. He is the public representative in the National Stock Exchange of India; on the Board of Governance of the Mahindra United World College of India; the Founder Chairman of the Mumbai Festival; the Co-Chairman of the International Council of the Asia Society, New York; on the Asia-Pacific Advisory Board of Harvard Business School; and many more.

Mr Mahindra – the man who understands the spirit of good governance for business and non-profits.

We salute Mr Anand Mahindra, Qimpro Platinum Standard 2008, in the Business Category.

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