Qimpro Platinum Standard 2008

Prof Amitabh Mattoo


Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu

Professor Amitabh Mattoo is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jammu. A catalyst for positive transformation in turbulent environments, Professor Mattoo is driven by the ideals of humanism, tolerance and truth.

Under the stewardship of Professor Mattoo, the University of Jammu has emerged as a center of academic and extra-curricular excellence. As the youngest Vice Chancellor of the University he turbo-charged a fresh approach to university management and governance. This has resulted in several unprecedented initiatives such as, construction of state-of-the-art infrastructure; engagement with the region's civil society; showcasing the pluralistic heritage of the state through the museum and art gallery; and empowering rural women and marginal groups. The metamorphosis of the University of Jammu is a benchmark.

In recent years, Professor Mattoo has facilitated several academic collaborations with international institutions. Consequently, the quality of research and teaching has spiraled upward. The University now also attracts students from neighbouring countries.

In addition, Professor Mattoo is one of India's leading thinkers and writers on international relations. He has been a member of India's National Security Council's Advisory Board. He has actively contributed to promoting peace and stability in South Asia, and has earned several national and international accolades for his tireless zeal.

Professor Amitabh Mattoo - an educationist and a peace-maker of the highest order.

We salute Professor Amitabh Mattoo, Qimpro Platinum Standard 2008, in the Education Category.

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