Qimpro Gold Standard 2007

Deepak M Satwalekar


Managing Director & CEO, HDFC Standard Life Insurance

Deepak M Satwalekar, Managing Director, HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited, is a crusader for perfection. Industrious to the core, he walks his quality-talk.

Mr Satwalekar has always led from the front. At Housing Development Finance Corporation and HDFC Standard Life Insurance. He considers his human resources to be the most important asset, and has built a team of highly motivated professionals who consistently deliver quality and excellence.

Ethical behavior is synonymous with Mr Satwalekar. He has ensured that all his organizational decisions, actions, and stakeholder interactions conform to professional principles. He has also ensured that his organizational vision and mission are aligned to ethical principles.

Beyond HDFC Standard Life Insurance, Mr Satwalekar has been a Consultant to the World Bank in Indonesia, USAID in Sri Lanka, UN Centre for Human Settlements in Nairobi, and Asian Development Bank in Sri Lanka. A recognition of his professional capability and facilitation skills.

Mr Satwalekar's leadership style is characterized by focus, detail, integrity and humility.

We congratulate Mr Deepak M Satwalekar, Qimpro Gold Standard 2007.

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