Qimpro Medal 2021

Iqbal Singh Chahal


Commisioner, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, Mumbai

Iqbal Singh Chahal, is an IAS Officer (1989) of the Maharashtra Cadre. An Engineer by qualification, Mr Chahal has the soul of a soldier and mind of an achiever.

Mr Chahal was appointed Commissioner of BMC, Mumbai, in May 2020, at the peak of the COVID -19 pandemic. The scale of the pandemic was of a World War. The soldier in Mr Chahal promptly articulated his mission: Proactively Chase the Virus. Mr Chahal walks his talk. A born leader.

In order to successfully pursue his mission, Mr Chahal first identified the Tiger Hills standing between BMC and Victory over the Virus. The key challenges were: Inadequate inventory of key resources; lack of appropriate healthcare infrastructure; centralization of decision making; inefficient time management.

The engineer in Mr Chahal rolled up his sleeves. He searched for innovative solutions. With that was born, at speed, the Mumbai Model.

The Mumbai Model is a management system for Proactively Chasing the Virus. It works on auto-pilot.

This Mumbai Model has delivered Victory. It has enabled the flattening of the COVID-19 curve twice, thereby saving hundreds of lives.

The benchmark features of the Mumbai Model are:

  • Instead of a Central War Room, establishing 24 War Rooms across 24 wards in Mumbai. The objective: Optimum allocation of hospital beds in public and private hospitals.
  • Tenting six Jumbo Covid Centers across Mumbai, with a capacity of 9,200 beds. These are makeshift hospitals, with ICU beds and round the clock medical and support staff.

A unique achievement of the Mumbai Model has been the control of COVID-19, in the largest slum in the world, Dharavi. Mr Chahal has saved a mega humanitarian crisis. His mantra: Test, Trace, Track and Treat.

Mr Chahal is a COVID HERO. Unafraid to think boldly out-of-the-box. Respected globally.

We are honored to present Mr Iqbal Singh Chahal the Qimpro Medal 2021 for Extraordinary Achievements.

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