Qimpro Green Legacy Award 2018

Godrej Family



The Godrej Group is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, managed and largely owned by the Godrej Family. It was founded by Ardeshir Godrej in 1897. His vision of self-reliance was carried forward and built upon by his brother, Pirojsha Godrej. Over these 120 years, the Group has earned the trust of millions of customers and clients, across the globe.

The Godrej Group has a wide spectrum of businesses. At one end these businesses include consumer products, appliances, furniture, agricultural inputs and real estate. At the other, there are businesses like process equipment, chemicals, material handling, storage solutions, aerospace & defence. Ardeshir Godrej’s vision of self-reliance fulfilled. India made proud.

The century-old differentiating philosophy of the Godrej Family has been: “To provide for today’s and tomorrow’s needs of consumers, with minimal adverse environmental impact”. They have always been conscious of the need to conserve Mother Earth and her precious, bountiful resources.

The Godrej Family loves Mumbai. One of Mumbai’s largest natural reserves, the mangroves at Vikhroli, are cared for by the Godrej Family. These mangroves are virtual lungs for the city and they provide vital ecosystem services. The Godrej Family facilitates research, conservation and awareness of this unique ecosystem. A benchmark Green Practice.

The environmentally sensitive Godrej Family, led by Adi Godrej and Jamshyd Godrej, has articulated ambitious Good & Green business goals for the immediate future. They are:
» 25% reduction in energy consumption
» 40% reduction in water consumption
» Water positivity
» Zero waste to landfill
» Carbon neutrality
» 33% use of renewable energy
» One-third of business revenues from Good & Green products and services.

Thus, the Godrej Family has set an aggressive pace to make the Planet greener, especially for generations yet to be born. A pace that is admired globally.

The Godrej Family actively supports national programs relating to climate change, environment and social development…that are leading change in the area of environmental sustainability:
» World Wide Fund for Nature
» World Resources Institute, USA
» Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation
» Council on Energy, Environment and Water
» CII Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre
and many more.

The Godrej Family is also one of the most respected philanthropic business families of India that believes in doing well by doing good.

We salute the Godrej Family, winner of the first Qimpro Green Legacy Award 2018.

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