Qimpro Platinum Standard 2017

Dr M Anandakrishnan


Former Chairman, IIT Kanpur; and, Former Vice-Chancellor, Anna University

DR M ANANDAKRISHNAN is the synonym for a role-model teacher. A significant part of Dr Anandakrishnan’s career, in different phases, revolved around the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. From Teaching Faculty to Chairman of the Board of Governors.

In the first phase of his professional career, Dr Anandakrishnan served as a teaching assistant, while pursuing a PhD in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota. This seeded his passion for teaching. As a by-product, he also developed an interest in engineering research.

On returning to India from the USA, in 1963, Dr was absorbed as a member of the faculty at the newly established IIT Kanpur, in the Department of Civil Engineering. For eleven years, he served in various academic positions as Assistant Professor, Professor, Senior Professor, Chairman of the Civil Engineering Department, Dean and Acting Director. Being a civil engineer, he also played a major role in developing the infrastructure of this distinguished technology-education campus.

Dr Anandakrishnan’s second phase commenced post the peaceful nuclear explosion, at Pokharan, in 1974. As a strategic move, the Government of India posted Dr Anandakrishnan to the Embassy of India, in Washington DC, to advise the series of ambassadors on how to deal with issues raised by the US Congress.

In 1978, Dr was appointed for one year as Chief of New Technologies in the Office of Science & Technology, United Nations, New York. In this role he successfully assisted in the preparation for the Nations’ Conference on ‘Science & Technology for Development’, scheduled for the following year in Vienna. In recognition of his quality thinking, he was invited to assist in the implementation of the conference resolutions. Over the ten years of this rollout, he grew to Deputy Director, Center of Science & Technology for Development, United Nations, New York, catalyzing science and technology in developing nations.

In the final phase, commencing 1989, Dr Anandakrishnan returned to India. He was invited by a search committee for the role of Vice Chancellor at Anna University, Chennai. Over two terms, ending 1996, Dr introduced several structural reforms. They primarily related to: decentralizing the university power structure; total internal evaluation; research funding; industry relations; and alumni relations. All leading to performance excellence.

Post retirement, Dr Anandakrishnan has served as Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT Kanpur. With deep sentiment.

Padma Shri Dr M Anandakrishnan. From caterpillar to butterfly.

We salute Dr M Anandakrishnan. Our Qimpro Platinum Standard 2017 for Education.

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