Qimpro Gold Standard 2012

Nihal & Shyama Kaviratne


Founders, St Jude India Childcare Centres, Indian Cancer Society

NIHAL & SHYAMA KAVIRATNE are the Founders of St. Jude India ChildCare Centres. Returning to India after 22 years of overseas postings, their singular mission has been to provide clean, safe and cost free accommodation to children (and their accompanying relatives) who are undergoing treatment for chronic diseases in Mumbai.

The Kaviratnes believe dreams materialize when you think big. Their principle is to start small and move fast. They therefore developed a model at one location in 2006, and identified the best practices for replication either by themselves or others in their network.

Their innovative model involves three circles. The first and primary circle is Medical. These primary needs are met by hospitals and aid associations. The second circle is Physical. This is where SJICC offers to meet these needs. The third is Emotional. The most challenging. SJICC addresses the needs of both the parents and children through education, therapy and a range of activities that generate a positive mindset.

Today there are seven SJICCs in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Nihal Kaviratne is passionate about SJICC. It occupies a good part of his retired life. Shyama Kaviratne helps manage the organization and day-today running of the centres.

We congratulate Nihal & Shyama Kaviratne. Our Qimpro Gold Standard 2012 for Healthcare.

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